Unforgettable Experiences: Luxury Cruises to Australia & New Zealand

Embark on a journey of luxury and discovery with Curlew Travel, Globus, Abercrombie & Finch, and Regent Seven Seas as they offer exquisite trips to Australia & New Zealand. From the rugged coastlines to vibrant cities, these cruises promise unforgettable experiences amidst opulent surroundings.

Sydney Harbor: A Spectacular Arrival

Begin your journey in style as your luxury cruise ship glides into Sydney Harbor, offering unparalleled views of the iconic Opera House and Harbour Bridge. Sip champagne on deck as you marvel at the stunning cityscape.

Great Barrier Reef: Dive into Paradise

Explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef from the comfort of your cruise ship. Snorkel or dive amidst vibrant coral reefs teeming with marine life, or simply relax on deck and soak in the beauty of this natural wonder.

Milford Sound: Majestic Scenery

Cruise through the awe-inspiring Milford Sound, where towering cliffs plunge into the tranquil waters below. Admire the cascading waterfalls and lush rainforest as you navigate through this breathtaking fjord.

Wine Tasting in Marlborough

Dock in Picton and embark on a wine tasting excursion in Marlborough, New Zealand’s premier wine region. Sample award-winning Sauvignon Blancs amidst picturesque vineyards, surrounded by stunning mountain scenery.

Cultural Immersion in Wellington

Experience Maori culture and heritage in Wellington, New Zealand’s vibrant capital city. Explore Te Papa Tongarewa, the national museum, and enjoy traditional performances showcasing the rich indigenous history.

Wildlife Encounters in Tasmania

Cruise to Tasmania and embark on wildlife encounters in its pristine wilderness. Spot Tasmanian devils, wallabies, and unique bird species as you explore national parks and rugged coastlines.


In conclusion, trips to Australia & New Zealand offer a perfect blend of indulgence and adventure. Curlew Travel, Globus, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Regent Seven Seas ensure that every moment of your journey is filled with comfort, luxury, and unforgettable experiences.