Alexander Green’s SugarCubes: A Fusion of Art and Technology

Alexander Green Symmetry Labs, has created a remarkable artistic project known as the SugarCubes. This article explores the seamless fusion of art and technology in Green’s work, highlighting the innovative aspects of the SugarCubes project.

Symmetry Labs | San Francisco CA

Visual Technology Redefined

The SugarCubes project represents a groundbreaking leap in visual technology. By combining 3D modeling, mapping, and addressable LEDs, Alexander Green and his team have created a mesmerizing experience for both artists and audiences. The SugarCubes serve as a canvas for live DJs and musicians, transforming their performances into immersive visual journeys.

Endless Creativity in Motion

The beauty of the SugarCubes lies in their ability to generate endlessly unique patterns of light and motion. As the music plays, the LEDs respond, creating a symphony of visuals that captivate and inspire. This improvisational aspect allows artists to express their creativity in real-time, resulting in performances that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Collaborations with Prominent Artists

Alexander Green’s innovative work with the SugarCubes has attracted collaborations with prominent artists in the music industry. These collaborations have showcased the versatility and adaptability of the SugarCubes, elevating live performances to new heights. The magic of the art-music fusion has been captured in videos such as “Unbound” by The Cathedrals, immersing viewers in a world of captivating imagery and sound.

Exploring the Future of Art

The impact of Alexander Green’s artistic vision extends beyond the present moment. The upcoming PBS documentary, “Ineffable,” featuring his work with violinist Tim Fain, delves into the future of art and its possibilities. By pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums, Green and Fain offer a glimpse into a world where art and technology intertwine seamlessly.


Alexander Green’s SugarCubes project stands as a testament to the power of art and technology coming together. The fusion of 3D modeling, mapping, and addressable LEDs has created a platform for artists to unleash their creativity in captivating ways. Collaborations with renowned musicians and the exploration of the future of art in the upcoming PBS documentary highlight the profound impact of Green’s work.